Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Caring for our health is a priority for most of us.  But the demands of balancing work, family and community responsibilities often leave us with little time for ourselves.
Get that body into gear for the new year.  January is a great time to begin an exercise routine, or to freshen up the one you already have.  So, if you've made a resolution to get fit this year, let's get going.  Try something new like karate, tai chi or water aerobics.  Or if you are just getting started, walking is a good option.
Walking is an excellent way to keep fit all year long.  You can walk at the office, at home, or at another location like a park, a beach, a mall or a track.  Have a spouse, a group of friends or a pet join you.  Or, you can walk alone, using that time to focus on inner thoughts.

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